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Virtual CTE Professional Development

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As an educator, actively pursuing professional development ensures your knowledge and skills stay up to date with the latest trends. Educators and administrators will have the opportunity to grow their skillsets by attending sessions focused on hot, trending topics within education. 

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Session Information

iCEV will host one webinar per month for the Spring Semester. Expand the sections below to learn more about each session.

10:00 AM - Keynote Address

Embracing Your Work-Life “Mix” With HIGHER Quality and LESS Stress

Staff, faculty, and administrators have endured tremendous change and great challenges over these past few years. Never before have employees been asked to wear so many hats, and “do more with less”–while balancing both work and life.

Join national Author/Speaker Andy Masters for this timely, interactive, and impactful program which truly helps attendees embrace our “New Normal” in both work and life.  

Presented by: Andy Masters


Andy Masters, MA, CSP is an award-winning author and international speaker who has presented keynote programs for over 350+ education, CTE, and career development events.

11:00 AM - What’s New at iCEV

iCEV is continually updating the online platform to stay up to date with today’s educational needs. In the past year, iCEV has added new content clusters, certification resources and new courses. Join us for a preview of the new and updated content on the iCEV Platform.

Presented by: iCEV

1:00 PM - Accessing Preparation Curriculum for Other Certifications on iCEV

Along with the 16 industry certifications hosted on the iCEV testing platform, iCEV now offers preparation content for certifications not hosted on our platform. Join this session to learn how to effectively use these resources in your CTE courses.

Presented by: iCEV

2:00 PM - An Introduction to AES on iCEV’s Online Platform

iCEV has acquired AES, expanding our curriculum offerings in health science, business and career readiness. During this session, attendees will get an in-depth view of the features and curriculum available on iCEV. Additionally, we’ll share tips and strategies for making the platform transition from AES to iCEV a success.

Presented by: iCEV

2:00 PM - An Introduction to Automotive & Cosmetology Curriculum on iCEV

In the last year, iCEV acquired Today’s Class, expanding our curriculum offerings into two new career clusters. By Fall 2023, automotive and cosmetology curriculum will be available on iCEV Library. During this session, attendees will receive a comprehensive view of the new curriculum now available.

Presented by: iCEV

3:00 PM - Your Guide to Using iCEV

From lesson plans, interactive materials and assessments to industry certifications, iCEV is a comprehensive CTE resource. Join iCEV for our guide to utilizing iCEV to its full capacity. This session will highlight best practices and pedagogical practices to ensure your school year is a success.

Presented by: iCEV

3:00 PM - Teacher to Teacher: Advice for New Teachers

Between course planning, classroom management and settling into your school district, the first few years as an educator can be challenging. Join this session to learn tips and techniques for making your transition in the classroom a little easier from experienced educators.

Presented by: iCEV

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